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Yikang Insulation Pad

Apr 28, 2019

Yikang's natural organic colored cotton insulation pad, 100% natural colored cotton, no printing, no pollution, no fluorescence, super breathable, super absorbent, excellent technology, all seasons, a variety of sizes to meet a variety of needs.

1. Baby's urine pad

The large size of the diaper pad can be spread over the bed. Whether it is a baby's crib or an adult's big bed or a sofa, it can create a bigger space for the baby to play, so that you don't have to worry about the baby. Dirty mattresses.


2. Ladies nursing pads

Put it on the big bed and use it directly on the sheets. The "special period" of women, the expectant mother during pregnancy and the mother after childbirth are all applicable, so that you can spend a special period of peace of mind!


3. Elderly care pad

There are people with mobility problems in the family. It is also very necessary to prepare a urine pad. It is clean and healthy, saving a lot of effort for the family.


4. Pet mat

For families whose pets often go to bed and sleep, prepare a piece of urine pad to be used directly on the sheets. It is much easier to clean the pet's hair or urine!