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Production process of underpads

What is the underpads?

Underpads are completely different from diapers and diapers. The former is a tool for isolating urine. The use of a diaper pad can ensure that the mat and sheet will not be wet by urine. When the diaper pad is wet by urine, it should be replaced immediately to keep the buttocks dry. It is made of a variety of materials. The front side is generally a material with strong water absorption and soft texture, while the back side is a material with good water resistance. Some higher quality products are designed with 4 layers, from the front to the back, they are the surface layer, water absorption layer, waterproof layer and bottom layer, in which the waterproof layer uses TPU waterproof membrane, which is waterproof, breathable and more caring for the skin.

How to clean the diaphragms? 1. Rinse the diaphragms with clear water. 2. Wash them thoroughly with soap. 3. Dry them in the sun after cleaning.

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Matters needing attention

1. Can't replace diaper. Its function is to block urine, ensure the cleanness of mattress and mattress, and can't be used as diaper. When it is wet by urine, it should be replaced with a new one immediately, so as not to cover the bottom red with moisture. 2. Prepare more diaphragms, and at least two diaphragms, so as to facilitate replacement. The high temperature in summer can be dried by air. Two alternatives can cope, but it's not easy to dry in winter, so it's better to prepare more. 3. Pay attention to the safety of use. If the child is very small, it can be used together with diapers or diapers. If the child learns to urinate by himself when he is older, he can use it when urinating for the child. In addition, pay attention to prevent the baby from biting, and do not let sharp objects scratch the diaphragms. Try to avoid being scratched by oil pens or colored lead. Be sure to keep the product away from the fire and heat source. 4. Pay attention to cleaning

When the product is just unpacked, it will smell special smell, but don't worry, it is a common phenomenon and will disappear in a few days. As the packing is folded, there will be creases on the mat. After unpacking, it can be flattened, and it will become flat after one to two weeks. If the surface of the mat is stained with stains, it is not allowed to wipe it with a hard bristle brush or medicine, which will damage the surface. The correct cleaning method is to wipe it with a towel or a soft bristle brush soaked in soapy water.