Bluey Underpads

The Bluey Underpads is not a diaper, nor a diaper. Its main function is to isolate the urine to ensure that the underside tweezers or mattress are not wetted by urine.

Product Details
Product NameBluey UnderpadsFeatureWater Absorption
Material 1Non Woven FabricColorGreen/Blue
Material 2100% PolyesterAge GroupAdults
Layer 1Quilted Soft PolyesterDiaper TypeBrush Cloth
Layer 2Soaker Polyester/RayonLevelMedical Grade
Layer 3TPU WaterproofCertificateOeko-Tex, CE, ISO9001, SA8000, FDA
Layer 4Soft Polyester FabricApplicationSurgical Bed, Postpartum Care, Patient Bed, Baby Home


1. The fabric is comfortable and the skin contact fabric feels very comfortable.

2. The water absorption is large, and the water absorption layer can quickly absorb a large amount of liquid.

3. No leakage, TPU waterproof breathable membrane can withstand high strength water pressure without penetration.

4. Easy to wash and durable, can withstand high temperature industrial washing without damage.

5. Low cost, the single use cost of the insulation pad is very low compared to the disposable care pad.


The main function of the blue underpads is to protect the sheets from being wetted by the user's body fluids. It is an incontinence care product.

4 Ply Reusable Pu UnderpadS

Reusable Pu Underpad



Washing Tips

When cleaning the blue underpads, it is best to use warm water to wash, do not use too much to scrub the insulation pad, just use a little soap, gently rub.

When washing the blue underpads, it must be washed by hand, not machine wash, otherwise it will cause deformation of the insulation pad.

The newly purchased blue underpads needs to be cleaned before use. It can be gently rubbed with soap or a special baby laundry detergent. It is best to be sun-dried and sterilized, but not too long. 

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