Disposable Healthy Nappy Mat

Bed underpads incontinence is soft and innoxious, it widely used in hospital, home, nursing home,etc. Bed underpads incontinence are ideal as an additional bed protection while changing the absorbent product or during body care.

Product Details


Product NameDisposable Healthy Nappy Mat
Face50% cotton 50% polyester plain fabric
BarrierPU+100% polyester with non-slip
PkgBulk or individual packing
PU underpad with non-slip back


  1. Soft breathable non-woven top sheet keeps body dry and comfortable comfortable disposable underpads
      for protection where you sleep

  2. Fluff absorber with rhombic embossment assures high absorbency

  3. Bottom water-proof film ensures you of cleanliness

  4. PE film with eyeable apperance can make the user feel better

Details of Disposable Healthy Nappy Mat

bed underpadsunderpads

It is better to use adult nursing pads with adult diapers

Adult nursing pads can be used with adult diapers. Generally, after putting on adult diapers and lying on the bed, it is necessary to put an adult nursing pad between the person and the bed to prevent the bed linen from being soiled. Whether it is an adult nursing pad or an adult diaper, it must have a large absorption capacity, and the absorption capacity is determined by the absorbent beads and fluff pulp.

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